Ivan Yeo

  • Ivan Yeo, Head Chef of The 1925 Brewing Co., Restaurant, is a designer turn professional cook. For most part of his working life – 15 years to be exact, he had been neck deep in the saturated world of media and advertising. Within these three years, he has been constantly exploring the possibilities of incorporating beers and beer derivatives into the menu, creating dishes with beer glaze and pasta with the wheat grains used for brewing. He has also been exploring his Teo Chew roots, experimenting with Teo Chew ingredients and recipes, to represent it into modern day cuisines. To explore his roots further, the menu in our

    second outlet at Joo Chiat is focused on this aspect, with each dish specially curated with a touch of Teo Chew tradition. All of these were recognised by the awards we have won throughout these three years, such as the Dilmah Tea Inspired Awards 2017. He also had the opportunity to cook under celebrity chefs overseas, obtaining different skills and methods to incorporate into his cooking.

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