In all honesty, salted egg is nothing new. For centuries, the Chinese have been using it for their everyday meals like classic congee and liu sha bao (fluffy steamed bun filled with salted egg custard). Preserving duck eggs by brining them in a salt solution? Genius. From Instagram trendy online food shop to a restaurant dedicated solely to serve only salted egg dishes, salted egg is here to stay.

(Image source: @eatshareid)

Let’s rewind a little bit to 2014, the year salted egg came to the light of every foodies’ blog and Instagram posts. Urban Bakery in Hong Kong first did the unthinkable; they injected salted egg filling into a French pastry; their Molten Egg Yolk croissants became an instant hit.

Jakarta got into the game back in 2016 with Salt Inc claiming to be the first place to serve salted egg goodness. And from then on what was never seen as primary ingredient became the prima donna.

Most people are digging the savory-sweet umami element that salted egg brings to the table. The sauce goes so well with chicken, tofu, pastry, or even calamari. Pairing the dishes with steaming hot white rice? You know you’re craving for one right now!

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