Healthy is a choice.

People have different ways to achieve their own kind of healthy; joining a Zumba class, trying the mayo diet or subscribing to a year-worth of gym membership. Health-conscious society is encouraging people to start changing their lifestyle, or at least to have it balanced between actually having fun without having to pay for hospital bills in the future.

In this article, we’re going to talk about 5 easy ways to eat healthy that everybody can try right the moment you’ve finished reading.

  1. Use Smaller Plates and Spoons

    Bigger portions are only available if you use big plates, so, don’t. A simple change on the size of your plates makes a significant change, especially if you also use smaller spoons.

  2. Keep Sugar Away From Your Coffee, Tea, and Water

    One or two sweetened drinks a day can boost your risk of type 2 diabetes by more than 25 percent as well as raise your odds for certain cancers. Artificially sweetened drinks aren't the answer; some research suggests they can prime your taste buds to crave other sweet foods. So it’s better to drink your coffee and tea without sugar at all, and no need to drink sparkling water!

  3. Want to Drink Less Alcohol? Use Tall, Slender Glass Instead of Short, Fat Ones

    Taller drinks look bigger to our eyes than round, horizontal mugs do. And because height makes things look bigger than width, you’ll actually drink less from taller glasses. In fact, you will typically drink about 20% less from a tall, slender glass than you would from a short, fat glass.

  4. Eliminate Junk Food

    What it says on the tin. Seriously.

  5. Make Every Meal Last At Least 20 Minutes

    You’re not competing with the time while having your meals. The hormones in your digestive system need about 20 minutes to cue to your brain that you’re full, so if you shovel in your meal in 10 minutes, you could wind up overeating. Eating too rapidly can raise your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heartburn. Chew your food properly and take time to chat with your family and friends between bites; it should take you at least 20 minutes. Not only is it more fun to socialize while you eat, you get to truly savor your food as well.


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