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About JCF

Jakarta Culinary Feastival is simply a gastronomic dream come true, all in one festival. On 3-6 October, foodies will embark on a flavorful culinary experience featuring a plethora of cuisines hosted by some of the region’s most loved restaurant concepts and establishments. A festival of collaborations by heart, taste makers and industry’s experts will gather to share what’s cooking in and out of the kitchen where you can also take part in creating, as well as indulging.

In Bloom takes center stage as the festival's theme this year. It is all about celebrating food ingredients that are currently in season in Indonesia, as well as highlighting culinary trends and movements that currently make the most influence amongst the Indonesian culinary market. At JCF, In Bloom combines best practices found around the world to explore and work on endless ideas out of produces that are in current abundance, elevating the culinary experience to something unimaginable.